Gearless synchronous traction machines


  • For lifts with an excellent ride confort.
  • High efficiency, reduce power consumption,
  • extreme low-noise level.
  • Solid construction for permissible shaft load Fs at the traction sheave up to 35kN               
  • Safety brake system with electro-magnetical release, provides min. 2x700Nm in 09.2, 2x850Nm in 09.3 and 2x950Nm in 09.4               
  • CTE test approved according to GB7588 and TSG T7017       
  • Groove profiles according to lift system               
  • Perfect rated motor, use of high - performance permanent magnet, degree of protection IP41, insulation class 155°C(F), temperature control               
  • Motor with 2 times overload capacity               
  • Inverter compatible measuring device, rigid coupling or intergrated. (e.g. ECN 1313; ERN 1387)               
  • Variable options regarding voltage, speed, torque, braking torque and traction sheave parameters               
  • Max. travelling height up to 120m               



Content of supply

Gearless synchronous external rotor drive with:



  • Traction sheave
  • Braking system
  • Measuring system (encoder)
  • Mechancial evacuation system (option)
  • Remotely controlled bowden cable for brake (option)
  • Connection cable for encoder (option)
  • All technical documents necessary for approval and detail operation manual


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