Wittur Turkey among the winners of the International Safety Awards

Turkey, 13th April, 2021


The British Safety Council has recently revealed the winners of its International Safety Awards 2021.

Wittur Turkey has won an International Safety Award with Merit from the British Safety Council in recognition of its commitment to keeping its workers and workplaces healthy and safe.

This year, 387 organisations of all sizes and sectors won an International Safety Award, including businesses from 37 countries worldwide, including the UK, China, India, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Of these, 85 organisations were awarded a Distinction, 155 organisations were awarded a Merit and 147 organisations achieved a Pass.

Wittur Turkey is one of 155 organisations to win a Merit in the 2021 International Safety Awards.

Congratulations Wittur Turkey!

What are the International Safety Awards?
The International Safety Awards are health and safety’s most prestigious award scheme. They recognise organisations that have demonstrated commitment to occupational health, safety and wellbeing, regardless of their size or the sector they operate within.
As well as rewarding best practice, BSC awards are a great way for publicise companies’ achievements and enhance reputation.
Recognises commitment to exemplary health, safety and wellbeing management. Awards are site specific. Successful applicants are awarded Distinction, Merit or Pass grades based on their score.
Each year the British Safety Council evaluates its members and other organisations around the world  for an International Safety Award for their site/business unit. The award recognises commitment to good workplace health and safety management. Entries are adjudicated by an independent panel of chartered health and safety professionals.
These awards recognise overall ‘best in class’ submission to the International Safety Awards by sector/industry.

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