Doors for modernization

Sematic 2000 C-MOD Landing Door

Enhancing performances, passenger safety and comfort in existing lift systems

Do you need to upgrade your existing lift doors to comply with EN81-80 requirements? Do you need a compact, flexible solution for modernization without giving up performance, quality, and safety? Sematic 2000 C-MOD is the answer. 

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Dresden, January 11, 2017

Wittur announces market launch of its brand new heavy-duty machine WSG-52

Wittur  announces the launch of their high-rise gearless traction machine WSG-52. The WSG-52 marks the top of the gearless machine range of  Wittur  Electric Drives GmbH based in Dresden, Germany. With a nominal torque of 9.200Nm in the WSG-52.3 execution, this machine is designed to lift as much as 9.800kg in 2:1 roping. The travelling speed goes up to a breath-taking 12m/s (in 1:1 applications) which places  Wittur  in a unique position as  independent  component manufacturer.
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Wittur Compact tension Weight


Narrow design and less weight of device makes the CTW the perfect choice for tight space requirements in elevator pits.

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Wittur is always synonymous with reliability and constant research. Come with us to visit our factories.

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