Operator for car door

Eco Bus car door operator

Bus is the light car door operator with reduced overall dimensions. It's an ideal solution in case of modernization with limited weight and spaces.

Bus car door operator was developped not only in a way that will not change the weight of the existing lift, but also in a way that will not modify the car structure thank to its reduced overall dimensions and to its folder opening.

It's available also an integrated mechanical release system for swing landing doors.

  • Light,strong and reliable design
  • Slim mechanical release
  • Speed control
  • 127/230V - 50/60Hz power input with tolerance of +/-20%
  • 24V output signal for light curtains or photocells
  • High reliability and performance with ECO drive
  • Learning function
  • Mechanical release system for swing doors
  • Obstacle detection system for both opening and closing operations
  • Operator housed in a closed unit
  • Customised wiring to connect into the lift controller
  • Car door lock outside the landing doors (available soon)



Bus car door operator is available only in Eco Plus drives.

Vector control
Power supply
(127V;2A ) ±20%
Univ. (230V;1A) ±20%
50/60 Hz
Class protection
Maximum movable masses (car and landing door panels)
130 kg
Car door lock (Optional)
Protective device - Power supply
24V DC+ 10%
150 mA
Emergency battery drive
18-26 VDC
  max 5A



Code Series Door Type Illustration Clear opening min. (mm) Clear opening max. (mm) Clear height min. (mm) Clear height max. (mm)
BUS  3410 BUS W version 500 1100 1900 2100
BUS  3410 BUS Flat version 500 1100 1900 2100
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