Dear valuable Supplier,
We would like to give a warm welcome to our supply partners to Wittur Supplier Portal.
This new platform that starts now, will allow us in the future to enhance and improve the interface with our suppliers in many different areas, from general communication to more specific processes.
As we make progress building up the content of the platform, regular suppliers will be provided with a unique access data as to have a customized interface with Wittur.
For companies not currently supplying to Wittur, you will also find enclosed a list of Purchasing contacts around the world. If you feel you can provide Wittur with outstanding elevator products with the right level of Quality at competitive prices we encourage you to provide us with your contact data and basic commercial presentation. You can also use Wittur general supplier email address:
I would also like to share with you that Wittur remains by far as the global market leader of elevator components, offering our customers valuable solutions for their needs in terms of Engineering, Products and Services. In addition to this, our current strategic and business plan project a significant and steady growth path for the next years, with positive growth rates in all areas of our business.
In order to achieve this plan, Wittur will have to continue to offer best in class solutions in terms of competitiveness, performance, reliability, quality and service.
You are again an integral part of this growth plan and therefore I would like to take the opportunity to remind about our strong standards for Quality and On Time Delivery. We are living in a very competitive market where there is no room available for either being late or delivering parts which do not meet the established requirements.
Looking forward to a successful business cooperation.
Yours sincerely,
Marcos Josa                                       
Corporate Purchasing Director                                 


Supplier Code of Ethics Wittur Group

You, as a supply partner, are an integral part of this plan and therefore we would like to outline our key expectations of your organization in this regard as part of Wittur’s supply base:


Norms Wittur group

Please access this page to check current Wittur norms and policies for suppliers.

Revision 08/03/2016

General purchase terms and conditions Wittur group

The legal relationships between the Supplier and the Buyer shall be governed exclusively by the Terms and Conditions of Purchasing accessible from this page.

Update 15/04/2016

Purchasing contacts Wittur Group

Please access this page to browse all Wittur worldwide purchasing contacts.

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Supplier quality development procedures and documents

In this section you can find documents, checklists and procedures related to the supplier quality development of Wittur group. Please check the download section to find the document you are looking for.

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