High energy efficiency door drives


New high efficiency brushless drive design for low power consumption during operation and standby
Up to 48% less power consumption compared to previous drive designs (ECO+)
  • Pre-configured from factory - no adjustments on site necessary (plug and play)
  • Continuous mass detection - self adjusting acceleration and deceleration
  • Fully electronically controlled closing force
  • 24V emergency battery supply input
  • Adjustable open force limitation
  • Different settings for modernisation purposes
  • 24V supply output signal to light curtains or photocells
  • Self-diagnostic system
  • CAN-Open interface available as option on Wittur door drives
  • Vector control experience and performance now standard for the whole range of Wittur door drives

Technical features

Motor characteristics
Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Drive system
Vector control
Vector control
Vector control
Max. power consumption
80 W
550 W
900 W
Max. speed
0,5 m/s
0,7 m/s
1,0 m/s
Max. total panel weight
130 kg
270 kg
600 kg
Protection class
IP20, IP54
IP20, IP54
Power supply
127/230 VAC +/-20%, 50/60 Hz
127/230 VAC +/-20%, 50/60 Hz
127/230 VAC +/-20%, 50/60 Hz

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