Discover WITTEC: WITTUR drives calculation tool


We would like to improve WITTEC, WITTURs calculation tool.
WITTEC is a very efficient tool for the selection of drives made by WITTUR Electric Drives Dresden.

WITTEC distinguishes itself from other calculation tools because it enables the user to user to design new elevator systems and to modernize existing systems.
We want the tool to meet all kinds of your requirements!

That’s why, after several months of continuous use, we need your opinion on how to improve the tool.

To start the survey, please click here.

1- How can I get access to WITTEC?

All our customers can have access to WITTEC. Just ask your local WITTUR sales manager or the WITTEC Support directly, writing an email to:
All we need is your name, the name of your company and your e-mail address.
The WITTEC Support will then send you your personal account data and the installation instructions.

2- Did you forget your credentials?
If you have problems while logging in to WITTEC, please contact the WITTEC Support to:

3- Do you want to help us to improve WITTEC?
Please take part in the following survey.


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