Registration to the Wittur Tour South Africa 2019

Edenvale - Johannesburg, South Africa, April 4-5 2019


Dear Customer,
Today, being updated is more than a necessity. At WITTUR we know this and our experience, variety of products, quality and technology are designed for this purpose.

WITTUR S.A.U. wants to invite you to know our latest and most advanced door solutions.
Guarantee, knowledge, technology, safety and respect for the environment support us in this presentation. We've never been so close to you.

At this event, you will have the opportunity to see, touch and have a firsthand knowledge about our materials, mechanisms and solutions.

WITTUR wants to share with you a formative experience and to expand the importance of getting to know us better. We work with people for people.

REGISTER NOW! Each session provides a limited number of places!

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