Wittur Webinar: Wittur Safety Components Range

16th October, 2020


Wittur Academy webinars keep on going to inform you about Wittur components and special solutions and how to implement them in your projects to best meet your needs.

On 16th October, Andreas Guster, Wittur Product Manager Safety Gears, is going to present “Wittur Safety Components Range: a focus on EU commodity market”.

Wittur has a wide portfolio of safety components to satisfy each and every need. Research for innovative solutions and inflexible product quality control are key features of Wittur Safeties. Each market and application have their own features that require a specific evaluation to identify the best solutions in terms of performances.

The EU commodity market will be analyzed to present the best components and packages available for specific applications.

At the end of the presentation you will have the opportunity to ask questions live to Karl Kriener, Wittur R&D Director Slings & Safeties.

Do you want to know more? Click here and register to the webinar!

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