Sematic 2000 HD car door

Doors for heavy duty applications


Increasing resistance and durability for heavy-load, large-size applications

2000 HD is Sematic’s product line dedicated to extreme applications. These doors feature very strong and reinforced panels and door posts as well as bottom track in extra-reinforced steel; its structure has been designed to support heavy loads, well fitting in contexts such as industrial, transportation and other special applications. 

Door posts are partially installed on the floor to give more stability. 2000 HD is supplied together with pre-set car door front, in order to better couple with the landing door, resulting in a robust structure in which installation settings are reduced. 

A wide range of optional extras and certifications is available, from the EEx II G – Atex option, to glass door finishes and highly customizable solutions, such as, for example, the possibility of reaching 6000 x 5000 mm openings.
 Product Range
Model TB min-max (mm) TH min-max (mm)
 K-S 2R/L Custom Custom
 K-S 3R/L 1800 - 3500 2000 - 4000
 K-S 2Z Custom Custom
 K-S 4Z 1800 - 4500 2000 - 4500
 K-S 6Z 3000 - 4500 2000 - 4500
For further infomation see our technical catalogues
 Bottom Track Park Overall Dimension (mm)
Opening K(car) S(landing) Pack(1)
 2R/L Custom Custom Custom
 3R/L 270 315 610
 2Z Custom Custom Custom
 4Z 210 255 490
 6Z 270 315 610
(1) 25mm sill distance
Door Opening Type



 Car door operator with 230 Vdc Brushless Motor with optical Encoder controlled by an electronic card with microprocessor (SDS©-AC-VVVF HV-MV Technology).
 • Power supply voltage;90-290 Vac single or three phase
 • Installed power:1000 VA in case of 5A motor and 1200 VA in case of 8A motor
 • Operating tenperature range -10°C to +40°C
 • Operating humidity range: from up to 80% non-condensing
 • Self learning cycle at the first installation in order to acknowledge the door dimension and feom the    closing curve
 • Opening and closing speeds separately adjustable and the system is equipped with an integrated        adjustable device for reopening doors after detecting the presence of an obstacle
 RAL 7032 
 Other RAL Colours
 Framed glass panels  Custom execution
 Stainless steel claddings
 Skin plate claddings
 Extra-Reinforced Steel
 Stainless Steel
AISI 304/ AISI 316
 Car door locking device EN81-20/50 EN81-1/2
 Skate Expansion
 Motorization Car door operator with 230 Vac Brushless Motor with optical Encoder controlled by an electronic card with microprocessor Brushless with AC-VVVF - technology
 Door controller SDS DC PWM Other door controllers available.
Please contact our sales department.
 Door panels   Single skin  Double skin/
Vision panel
 Detecting system Static/Dynamic
 Operator height  445mm 340 mm for 2RL, 2Z and 4Z 
265 mm for 3RL and 6Z
 Average car door cycles  per year 650.000
 Impact robust
Cardboard box
Wood (ISPM15)
 Anti-vandal execution EN81-71
 Hidden bottom track (no 3 R/L and 6Z)
 Marine execution


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