Sematic 2000 B landing door

Multipurpose doors


Reliability, flexibility and pleasant aesthetic design for every architectural solution.

Ideal for any application, Sematic 2000 B features high flexibility and a complete portfolio of finishes and fixings. Wide range of frame customizations, special executions, installation in the shaft or in recess are only a few of the features of this product.

Sematic 2000 B covers a wide range of international regulation requirements and fire certifications, even for glass executions; all of Sematic products are designed, produced and tested to satisfy high technical and qualitative standards, with special care to safety.

Wherever aesthetics is a must, Sematic 2000 B offers prestigious solutions, such as glass executions (with or without glass frame), hidden bottom track, underdriven operator and a pool of other options, which make these products perfect for the integration into the most ambitious architectural projects.
Product Range
Model TB min-max (mm) TH min-max (mm)
 K-S 2R/L 500 - 1800 2000 - 3000
 K-S 3R/L 700 - 1800 2000 - 3000
 K-S 2Z 500 - 1800 2000 - 3000
 K-S 4Z 700 - 3000 2000 - 3000
 K-S 6Z 1000 - 3000 2000 - 3000
For further infomation see our technical catalogues
Bottom Track Park Overall Dimension (mm)
Opening K(car) S(landing) Pack(1)
 2R/L 90 135 255
 3R/L 135 180 345
 2Z 45 90 165
 4Z 90 135 255
 6Z 135 180 345
(1) 30mm bottom track distance
Door Opening Type



 Model Steel Doors Framed Glass Doors
 S2 R/L E 120
EW 60
EI 60
EI 120
E 120
 S3 R/L
BS 476, GOST and many other certifications available. Call for information.
 RAL 7032 powder coating
 Other RAL Colours
 Framed glass panels and side posts
 Frameless glass panels
 Stainless steel claddings
 Skin plate claddings
 Stainless Steel
AISI 304/ AISI 316
others on request
 Brass - Bronze
available for all doors type
except 3 R/L and 6Z
 Certified locking device EN81-1/2
 Position of the lock release Integrated into the
In the fast panel
 Door closing Spring Counterweight or
 Door panels Single skin Double skin/
Vision panel
 Header height 280 mm 240 mm for 2 RL,
2Z and 4Z
265 mm for 3 RL
and 6Z
 Frame 125×45 mm door posts Reduced door posts
(min. 60×45 mm)
Increase door posts
(> 135×45 mm)
 Installation In the shaft In niche
 Kit man in the pit In case of EN81-20/50 In case of EN81-1/2
 Monostable contact
 Impact robust
Cardboard box
Wood (ISPM15)
 Portal execution
 Portal execution with glass
 Smoke-seal/Air-seal execution
 Anti-vandal execution (Excalibur) EN81-71 cat. 1 & 2
BS 5655 part.13
 Hidden bottom track (no 3 R/L and 6Z)
 Explosion proof EEx II G - Atex
 Australia execution
 Marine execution
 Underdriven operator (no 3 R/L and 6Z)



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