Sematic Excalibur landing door

Antivandal Execution


The Excalibur door has been designed in accordance with EN 81 - 20/50 and EN 81 - 71 category 1 & 2, the highest standards of safety, quality and mechanical resistance in order to meet the users’ needs for safety against various vandalism attacks, which result in damages to the lift or danger for its users. The Excalibur doors are mostly used in public places.


  • Manganese extruded bronze bottom track. Sills and their fixings are in extruded bronze to avoid contamination from corrosive fluids
  • Vision Panels, EN 81-71 Class 1 only. Wittur offers an optional 100x600mm window with ESG glass 6mm fire rated up to EN 81-58 120’ integrity.
  • Panel thickness 2 mm. It guarantees improved strength and maximum impact resistance in accordance to EN 81-71 Class 2
  • Mechanism Cover Plate. It allows to protect the mechanisms and electrical connections to ensure maximum functionality over time
  • Anti-scratch cladding to avoid damage actions to the door and high durability over time. Wittur offers a variety of decorative finishes
  • Fire rated panels with extrarun (chicane) to avoid spreading of fire in the lift shaft
  • W stiffners and other reinforcements to make panels more robust
  • Steel top track. Reinforced track to withstand impacts and ensures longer life
  • Upper bigger rollers. They allow increased door opening / closing performance & reduced noise
  • Firefighters door EN 81-72. Excalibur can be realized in “Firefighter execution”, in order to be used for firefighting and evacuation purposes under firefighters control, guaranteeing to be IPX3 protected in accordance to EN 81-72 
Model TB min-max (mm) TH min-max (mm) 
 K-S 1R/L 600 - 1300 2000 - 2500
 K-S 2R/L 600 - 2000 2000 - 2500
 K-S 2Z 600 - 2000 2000 - 2500
 K-S 4Z 700* - 2000 2000 - 2500
 K-S 6Z 1000* - 2000 2000 - 2500

* For all dimensions please contact our technical office.
** For EN 81-71 Antivandal Class 2 execution, please contact our technical office.


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