Slings & Steel Works - Sematic

Frames, counterweights, beams and brackets


Sematic offers a complete service concerning steelworks starting from analysis, check and realization of frames, counterweights, beams and brackets. The achieved experience allows us to realize simple hydraulic lifts up to big ones for 20 Tons 6:1 lifts.

The structural calculation and simulation (FEM) of car sling parts checked with a dimensional test, is getting more and more important, in order to offer the best solutions with respect of weight, shape and performance.

Our offer includes different steelwork solutions for a complete range of capacities, speeds and applications:
  • instantaneous and progressive safeties plus safety gears
  • complete range of “L” frames and hydraulic slings, including head pulleys and counterweight arrangements
  • complete range of car slings for traction elevators, including counterweight arrangements and underslung applications

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