Gearless synchronous traction machine


  • For fast elevators with an excellent ride comfort (suspension 1:1 up to 12 m/s)
  • High performance up to 9,800 kg rated load (2:1)
  • Solid construction for permissible shaft loads at the traction sheave up to 520 kN
  • High efficiency, reduced power consumption, extremly low-noise level, excellent ride comfort
  • Safety brake system with electro-magnetical release, manual release as an option, contacts for brake control
  • EC type-examination certificate according to EN 81-20/50, can be used for UCM solution
  • Synchronous motor, 20-pole, with high efficiency permanent magnets, insulation class 155 (F), low noise ventilation
  • Variable options regarding voltage, speed, torque, measuring system and traction sheave paramenters
  • Rope tension in all directions

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