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Unidirectional progressive safety gears for medium speed

SGB 01-02-03-05 - Uni-directionnel

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SGB 01-02-03-05: Unidirectional progressive safety gears for low and medium speed.

Progressive scalable safety gear applicable for a wide range of loads.
Superb solution for car but also counterweight installation due to reduced width dimensions. Many modernization packages available. Available with compliance for many global lift norms and directives.

  • Safety gear acting in downward direction
  • Braking power is generated by expanding the C-profiled safety gear block
  • Wide application range (also Duplex arrangement available)
  • Different connections (top or bottom) from actuating mechanism to gripping wedges available
  • Various options like safety gear housing, synchronization linkage or governor rope connection for maximum flexibility

Technical sheet

  Up to 2,5 m/s
Direction Unidirectional
Min. Rated Speed (m/s) 0,15
Max. Rated Speed (m/s) 2,50
Max. Tripping Speed (m/s) 3,55 / 3,22
Min. Mass to be gripped (kg) 500
Max. Mass to be gripped (kg) 9.200 (SGB03 - Duplex 17.692 kg)
Min. Rated Load (kg) -
Max. Rated Load (kg) -
UCM Brake/EN 81-21 stopping gear -
Guide Rail Blade (mm) 8 - 32
Guide Rail Conditions (*) MO | MD | DO | DD
EN 81-20/50:2014 X
GOST R 53870-2010 X
GB 7588 X
ASME A17.1 X
* MO = Machined Oiled
  DO = Drawn Oiled
  MD = Machined Dry
  DD = Drawn Oile


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