Overspeed Governor


  • Engagement of the safety gear in down direction
  • Overspeed contact operated in up and down direction
  • Outline dimensions do not change over whole speed range
  • Tripping possible at any point along perimeter of governor pulley
  • Guaranteed minimum rope pull through force 500N
  • Pull through force created by inbuilt friction brake exerting brake torque to governor pulley
  • Suitable for conventional elevators with machine room but also for MRL-elevators
  • Wide range of options available as remote control, base plates, tension weights, providing maximum flexibility
  • Meets code requirements of ASME A17.1

Technical features

Type (900540) OL35NA
Travel height (recommendation) max TH 75 m
Max distance between overspeed governor and tension weight 80 m
Rated speed NS 100 ft/min ... 500 ft/min
Brake force of the governor 168 lbf ± 56 ibf
Permissible tripping speed max v1 676,5 ft/min
Tension force of the tension weight min
600 N
800 N
Rope pulley diameter DB 12''
Weight of OL max 25 kg
Rope diameter d 3/8''
Tension force of the rope min
250 N
800 N
Operating temperature -5°C ... +55°C
Storage temperature -40°C ... +70°C
Air humidity <98% / 40°C
Protection classification IP2X

Subject to change without notice


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