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A panoramic elevator can thrill the passengers by providing them with fresh architectural perspectives: riding in an elevator becomes then the preferred way to understand the original vision of the architect. 

Many architects have explored the new possibilities and have developed this concept in their works.

Among the diversity of design approaches, three main trends appear:
  • Simulate a traditional design with specially developed modern components. In this case, the outcome is an elevator that looks like an old elevator, but which features state-of-the-art riding comfort and safety. This is a possible solution when modernizing an old elevator in an ancient building, or when introducing a new elevator in a theatre of in a public building where elevators were not part of the project.
  • Let a modern design enter a traditional setting and capitalise on the clash between old style and modern design. This is another way to insert an elevator, and results can be very effective
  • Create a peculiar design for the elevator which is in line with the vision of the whole new building. This is the way towards the creation of an added value elevator, which is going to offer a peculiar experience to passengers moving inside a newly designed building.

We pride ourselves when we are able to provide special cars for a special project.

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