OL100 / OL120

Regler für hohe Geschwindigkeiten und Höhen


The OL100, OL120 detect overspeed by their flyweight mechanism and engage the safety gear by a separate lever which activates the rope brake mechanism.
This kind of safety is suitable for conventional elevators with machine room but also for MRL-elevators.


  • Max rated speed up to 8 m/s
  • Max travel height up to 1320ft
  • Can be offered with fibre core ropes
  • Improved brake with brake force up to 655Ib
  • Hollow Shaft Encoder Option available
  • Different base and stand options
  • Engagement of the safety gear in down direction
  • Overspeed contact operated in up and down direction
  • Outline dimensions do not change over whole speed range
  • Tripping possible at any point along perimeter of governor pulley
  • Pull through force created by jaw type rope brake
  • Pull through force continuously adjustable between 1.100N to 2.100N
  • Component certified according to directive 95/16/EC (Lifts)
  • Designed according to ASME A17.1/CSAB44 requirements
  • Meets code requirements of EN 81; also available with Russian and Korean Type Examination certificates

Speed Load/Graphic

Type   OL100 OL120
 Version   static shaft live shaft static shaft
 Max Travel Height m 150 400 250
 Max permissible rated speed m/s 10 7
 Permissible tripping speed m/s 0,71 - 13,2 0,71 - 13,2 0,98 - 8,71
 Rope pull through force N 1100 2100 2100 2900 1100/2100
 Rope pulley diameter mm 304 - 306 476 - 479
 Rope diameter mm 8/9/9,5/10 10 (3/8''), 13 (1/2'')

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