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Our experience in the elevator business is now at your disposal

Wittur opens up a new world of services for the elevator companies.
Our R&D facilities are now available to speed up your R&D projects; our competent staff supports you for certification and patents; our technicians develop complete modernisation packages for you, including on site assessment and related calculations. Wittur academy training structures improve skills and qualifications of your staff with their hands-on approach and modern teaching techniques.

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to make your life easier and power the growth of your business.

1 Consultancy on certifications and patents
Wittur experience in the certification process can help you speed up and optimise any activity concerting the certification of your elevator packages. Wittur can support your certification activities on a global basis, also for hard to obtain certifications outside the European Union.
We can help you establish an internal testing method and quality control system; moreover, we can assist you in the design of technical documentation and operating instructions for your elevator products in line with technical and market requirements.
We can support you checking your product developments against possible patent infringements and assist you in preparing documentation to apply for international patents.

2 Application Engineering
Wittur can help you select the right components for each application and for special projects or develop a bespoke solution for your elevator products based on our wide range of components and including drawings, calculations and conformity assessment. Wittur R&D and testing infrastructure, with test towers in Scheibbs, Austria and Zaragoza, Spain, and R&D laboratories in our worldwide production facilities, can be hired and used to perform advanced tests on new components and speed up their development process. Wittur activities on your behalf are covered by non-disclosure agreements and strict code of business conduct so that your intellectual property is in safe hands.

3 Wittur Academy: providing knowledge about elevators
Wittur academy structure based in Europe in Wiedenzhausen and in China in Suzhou can provide you training packages on a turnkey basis about installation, single components, complete elevator systems, norms and directives for your company’s technical and commercial staff.Wittur representatives are actively involved in the elevator association commissions and are at the forefront of the norms and directives development; Wittur expertise on norms and codes is now at your disposal to plan in advance your engineering activities regarding the new EN81-20/50, LD2014/33/EU or GB7588:A1 among others.

4 Modernisation
The modernisation of existing lifts is a multi-faceted process based on experience, analytical and engineering capability. Wittur can support your organisation in setting up a modernisation workflow to achieve successful results at a fraction of the effort and costs.
A On-site assessment of existing elevator: measurements, report about current state of equipment, technical drawings of the well;
B Modernisation concept: modernisation solution, proposed components, modification of existing components, technical drawings, list of activities, on-site support;
C New calculations to assert if existing components are in line with the requirements of new norms and directives or if a change in rated speed or rated load of modernised elevator are necessary;
D Finite element method (FEM) calculation to test new components created for a specific project before they are produced and installed, therefore avoiding issues and expensive service interventions after commissioning.
E Preventive maintenance documentation to keep your modernised elevator in perfect running state; availability of spare parts also through Wittur on line shop in selected countries.

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