Wittur Group is one of the leading manufacturers of components, modules and systems in the elevator industry. Our mission is to be the #1 global-local business partner for innovative elevator components through world-class manufacturing; a consistent operating model, Information technology systems and technology for transparency and flawless execution; as well as ONE winning culture embodied by a high-performing and accountable team, always engaged in:
  • Complying with all legal and regulatory requirements as well as conforming to product liability, company’s policies & procedures and compliance with the applicable laws concerning pollutant emissions in the environment, and Health & safety guard.
  • Developing the Best People based on competence, awareness and motivation; provide training on the Management System requirements and communicating this policy to the entire organization. Involve the workforce through training, participation, consultation and effective communication.
  • Improving customer and stakeholder satisfaction, exceeding their needs, delivering safe products and services with quality, competitive prices, and conform to the best environmental practice, within the agreed timing and requirements.
  • Preventing illnesses and injuries in our facilities through proactive identification and mitigation of risk factors in order to maintain a safe and healthy work environment;
  • Minimizing adverse impacts to the Environment resulting from our operations through natural resources conservation, prevention of pollution and waste reduction;
  • Continual improving the effectiveness of our management system and establish appropriate targets and objectives to assist our pursuit of Best in Class performance.
  • Minimizing adverse impacts to the operational continuity by identifying those activities on which the organization depends for its survival, being always ready to continue our business by successfully applying proper recovery strategies and risk mitigation.
  • Developing the best supplier’s relationship increasing their ability to provide products and services in accordance to the requirements, focusing on environment, compliance to health & safety and code of ethics and assuring continuous supply process improvement.
September 1st 2017

Chief Executive Officer                                                                  Global EHS and Quality Director
Gerrit Marx                                                                                        Vincenzo Bruno
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