Wittur Group

Wittur is your global partner for components, modules and systems for the elevator industry, with a wide network of sales representatives covering more than 50 countries worldwide and a workforce in excess of 4000 people.

Wittur is “Safety in motion”. We are a driving force of safety in the elevator industry and are continuously looking for ways to improve our safety performance in both our range of products and our production facilities.

We are committed to the same excellent standard is each of our 16 manufacturing sites.  This consistency ensures that our products are of highest quality and produced efficiently using environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Our Eight Centers of Competence, each focusing on product-specific R&D, create new products and are dedicated to their continuous improvement and to reaching new levels of design. This is certified by more than 300 international patents.

Our product portfolio includes all main elevator components and allows us to continually raise the bar for safety, quality and ride comfort.

Our core products include elevator doors, safety components and gearless drives, as well as cars, slings and counterweight frames. These can be used for new installations and for retrofitting as part of modernisation projects.
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