A range of elevator cars for industrial and freight applications.


Heavy duty is a range of elevator cars specifically studied for goods transportation and for all the situations where robust construction and resistant materials is a must.

They are made of sturdy metal self-bearing sheet panel, with reinforced floor surface and ceiling with embedded light fixtures.

A range of accessories such as special bumpers can be applied on demand to increase resistance to daily use.

Product Features

  • Adjustable car dimensions
  • Ideal for heavy load lifts in factories and warehouses
  • Suitable for car and service lifts in airports, undergrounds, railway stations, shopping centers, multi-floor parkings and hospitals
  • Ultra-strong structure
  • Wide range of finishes and materials available for the most demanding projects
  • EN 81-71 (Cat 1 and Cat 2) requirements can be applied additionally for vandal-resistant elevators
  • Superior resistance to hits with a complete set of bumper rails
  • Easy-replacement components design, facilitating maintenance operations
  • Compatible with a wide range of Wittur doors and slings for perfect integration

Product Structure


All components of each heavy duty elevator car are designed with special care for quality and durability in order to guarantee high performances in time.


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