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Unidirectional progressive safety gear for mid and high rise applications


WSGB13 is a single-direction progressive safety gear applicable for mid and hig rise applications. 

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WSGB13: Uni-directional progressive safety gear for super high speed

Single-direction progressive safety gear applicable for mid and high rise applications. Superb solution for car but also counterweight frame installation (modernization packages available). Brake pads from the automotive industry prevent wear on guide rails. Available for many global major elevator norms and directives.

  • Safety gear acting in downward direction
  • Constant brake force generated by preloaded disk springs
  • Steady deceleration along whole braking distance
  • Designed to avoid wearing marks to guide rail
  • Several options for different applications are available
  • Modernization packages available

Scheda tecnica

  Up to 12,50 m/s
Direction Unidirectional
Min. Rated Speed (m/s) 4,00
Max. Rated Speed (m/s) 12,50
Max. Tripping Speed (m/s) 14,60
Min. Mass to be gripped (kg) 2.800
Max. Mass to be gripped (kg) 10.000 (Duplex 19.231 kg)
Min. Rated Load (kg) -
Max. Rated Load (kg) -
UCM Brake/EN 81-21 stopping gear -
Guide Rail Blade (mm) 15,88 - 16 - 19 - 29 - 32
Guide Rail Conditions (*) MD
EN 81-20/50:2014 X
GOST R 53870-2010 -
GB 7588 X
ASME A17.1 X
* MO = Machined Oiled
  DO = Drawn Oiled
  MD = Machined Dry
  DD = Drawn Oiled