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Wiedenzhausen, 28 giugno 2017

Gentili clienti,

Vi informiamo che da giovedì 29 giugno 2017 gli uffici di LM Liftmaterial GmbH si sposteranno da Pliening (vicino a Monaco) a Rohrbachstraße 26-30, 85259 Wiednzhausen (Germania). Cambieranno inoltre i numeri di telefono e di fax.
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July 8th-10th, Paris

The 20th International Congress on Vertical Transportation Technologies, probably one of the most significant gatherings in the elevator professional calendar, was held in Paris at Novotel Eiffel from 8th to 10th July, 2014. The congress, organized by IAEE, the International Association of Elevator Engineers, was sponsored by Otis and was attended by 165 participants from 26 countries and was headed by Mr. Ami Lustig from Israel. A remarkable program of 38 presentations by leading experts from all over the world within the vertical transportation industry focused on some important topics including:

  • Energy efficiency requirements for elevators worldwide
  • Traffic calculation and simulation
  • High rise solutions
  • Evacuation in case of fire
  • Norms and directives

Wittur Group was present with Thomas Lernet and Wolfgang Adldinger. In the context of the poster session Mr. Lernet presented the “Evolution of Elevator Doors for EN 81-20/50 Compliance”. Focus of the presentation was the newly introduced HYDRA EVO, the evolution of Hydra door, which is one of the first elevator products introduced on the market that is already compliant with EN81-20/50.
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August 12th-13th, São Paulo, Brazil

Wittur will be present at EXPO ELEVADOR 2014 exhibition, scheduled for August 12th and 13th at Centro de Exposições Imigrantes in São Paulo, Brazil.
Visitors of Wittur stand (nr. A02) will be able to experience some key components among the wide range of Wittur solutions, namely:

  • Wittur MRL W-Line machine roomless elevator package
  • Wittur L375 car frame (hydraulic) package
  • Wittur CITY ELECTRICO elevator package
  • Augusta EVO, the Wittur quality door for the residential elevator market, designed to comply with EN81-20/50 norms
  • Hydra EVO, the evolution of Wittur Hydra, the elevator door system designed to be flexible. The design of EVO version is already compliant with EN81-20/50 norms and allows the use of screw guns for fast assembly
  • WSG09.2, the “pancake” form factor gearless machine from Wittur
  • WSG S3.1 and WSG S2.3, the compact gearless machine for MRL applications from Wittur
  • A selection of safety gears from the wide range of Wittur safety devices

Under the slogan “Safety in motion” Wittur will be available to present you the latest trends in the worldwide elevator world and how Wittur solutions can benefit your business growth.
Wittur Ltda, based in Londrina, will highlight the extension project, which will double its production capacity in the course of year 2015. Representatives from all Wittur companies in South America will also be available at Wittur Stand, including Wittur Argentina and Wittur Colombia.

We will be delighted to meet you at Wittur stand (A02) at Expo Elevador 2014!
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Tel Aviv, February 12th, 2014

 The Second conference on Standardization and Lifts Engineering was held on February 12th, 2014 at the City Tower Events Centre, Raman Gan, Tel Aviv, Israel.
The conference was organized by The Standards Institutions of Israel; lectures were given by experts from all over the world. 
Mr. Wolfgang Adldinger from Wittur gave a presentation about “Equipment and compliance of Elevators to Amendment 3”, which illustrated the UCM concept and the various technical solutions to achieve an even higher level of safety in every elevator installation. 
UCM (Unintended Car Movement) is defined as a non-commanded car movement with open doors away from the landing position in up/down direction: the cause of some accidents in elevator installations.
EN 81-1/2+A3 standard, published in December 2009 and mandatory since 01.01.2012, introduces new safety devices in new elevator installations to detect a car movement while the elevator is on a floor with open doors. In case of movement, the UCM device activates a safety brake to stop the car and keep it stopped. Installations of UCM solutions with components from different suppliers are subject to certification for each single installation, while certified packages are tested beforehand and guarantee safety without the need to certify each installation.
WITTUR was the first company to supply a certified UCM package with Wittur components in May 2011.
An audience of over 300 people attended this conference, including professionals from the elevator industry, as well as inspectors, construction companies, lifts consulting companies, public institutions and government officials.
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Have a look!

Live streaming from Wittur stand at Interlift 2013
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Hall 7, stand 7136

Come to Augsburg Exhibition Centre from Oct. 15th to 18th in Hall 7, stand 7136 and experience Wittur at Interlift 2013!

Wittur will display its wide range of solutions for new installations and modernization as well as a preview of new products that are going to be announced soon. Moreover, a selection of new concepts and new technology from its Research and Development centers will demonstrate Wittur strategy of continuous product development.
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Colorno (Pr), 31 Maggio 2013

Lo scorso 31 maggio 2013 Wittur ha organizzato presso il proprio stabilimento di Colorno (Parma) un seminario tecnico per presentare possibili impieghi dell’ascensore in progetti di alto valore architettonico.

Grazie alla propria esperienza pluriennale, Wittur realizza progetti su misura con componenti per ascensori pienamente integrati in costruzioni di pregio; in questo modo Wittur soddisfa l’ampia gamma di necessità funzionali ed estetiche, attualmente richieste da progettisti ed architetti, nel rispetto delle normative vigenti.

Durante il seminario è stata offerta un’ampia panoramica di prodotti ad alto impatto estetico (ante vetrate, in vetro, panoramiche, tonde…) e delle più spettacolari installazioni realizzate negli anni; inoltre è stata possibile la visita degli impianti per visionare la qualità della produzione Wittur.

Grande la partecipazione e l’apprezzamento dell’iniziativa che si inserisce in un quadro di eventi futuri finalizzati a migliorare la conoscenza e il campo di applicazione delle soluzioni Wittur.

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Mosca, 6-8 Giugno 2013

Wittur ètata presente all' Expo di Mosca 2013, la 6 °edizione della fiera internazionale per ascensori per il mercato russo in programma dal 6 al 8 giugno.

I visitatori dello stand Wittur (Stand C1, Hall A, Padiglione 75) hanno avuto la possibilità di visionare:
1.       Il nuovo sistema modulare di cabina Wittur MCS1 in differenti finiture;
2.       Porta Hydra Wittur in esecuzione antincendio secondo le norme russe GOST EI 90;
3.       Porta Hydra Wittur con ante vetrate;
4.       Il sistema modulare di porta Wittur MDS1 secondo le norme GOST E30 in due differenti finiture, RAL e acciaio inox;
5.       La cabina panoramica Wittur, 1000 kg.
6.       Il sistema completo Wittur MRL W Line, carico da 630 Kg, versione panoramica;
7.       Una vasta gamma di motori gearless tra cui WSG 29, WSG 25, WSG S3, WSG S2, WSG S1.
Ringraziamo in numerosi visitatori dello stand Wittur e rimaniamo a loro disposizione per fornire loro le migliori soluzioni per i loro futuri progetti.

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May 22-23th - ExCeL Exhibition Centre - London

We are happy to thank all our customers who attended Liftex 2013, the international event for the Lift and Escalator industry.
Wittur Ltd welcomed them at its stand B30 at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre in London from May 22th to May 23th, 2013.
We received an outstanding feedback about the wittur products on display, including:

- MRL W-line lift package
- MDS1 modular door system
- UCM unintended car movement protection package
- S2&S3 gearless machines

Wittur Limited remains at your disposal for any further inquiries from its office in Mold!

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Bratislava, Slovakia

Wittur Management team gathered in Bratislava, Slovakia on April 25th-26th for the IMM - Wittur International Management team.
The team of the local slovakian Wittur production facility welcomed the international guest coming from wittur locations worldwide.
A significant number of persons were participating for the first time as the joined Wittur less then one year ago.
The conference presented Wittur strategy in production, purchasing, sales, marketing. Wittur Academy was also presented to the public. On the second Day, the well-know economist Graeme Maxton presented his views on the future trends of the economic situation. And During the official dinner the Wittur logo was projected next to the Castle of Bratislava, which became for one night a Wittur branded city!
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