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LiftJournal - June 2022

Author: Carlos Rocholl - Product Solution Business Leader Mechanical Packages

Wittur has launched mechanical packages, using Wittur components as foundation. They should ensure a high compatibility among all components, faster and easier installation, and quick development of specifically engineered solutions.
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Elevator World - February 2022

Author: Carlo Ferrari - Corporate Marketing Communication Manager

Wittur Italy in Colorno has started a project in cooperation with the Kaizen Institute of Bologna, Italy, aimed at better structured and more effective assembly-line operator training.
The project was a training-within-industry workshop, a method born in the U.S. during World War II to improve production in companies by adding new people to production lines.
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Subir & Bajar Nº 141 September/October 2021

Wittur launched an innovative product that maximizes the use of available space, complies with current regulations and provides security and accessibility conditions.
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September, 2021

When he founded the company in 1968, Horst Wittur certainly did not expect how his company would develop and what it would look like 53 years later. 
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Wittur Asia-Pacific head Suraj Thodimarath discusses significance of Indian operations. EWI, Q4 2020

by Sheetal Shelar Patil

Suraj Thodimarath (ST), managing director Asia Pacific, Wittur Elevator Components India Pvt. Ltd., recently shared some insights with your author (SSP). Among the topics they discussed were the brand’s emphasis on R&D and creating value, its commitment toward quality and the significance of its India operations.
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Elevator World - September 2020

Author: Carlo Ferrari - Corporate Marketing Communication Manager

The project wants to improve the accessibility with the installation of an additional elevator connecting the three levels of the car park to the town center was started at the end of 2017.
For this reason, the municipal administration has pursued sustainable mobility projects, which simplify the adoption of “virtuous” behaviors by citizens.
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April 2020

Arnaldo Almeida, Sales Manager for Africa and Portugal, shared his story and his career development in Wittur.
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Wittur CEO Antoine Doutriaux discusses his new role, company goals. Elevator World Europe 1/2020

by Angela C. Baldwin

During a busy day at Interlift 2019, ELEVATOR WORLD had the chance to meet and interview Wittur CEO Antoine Doutriaux (AD). At the time of the meeting, Doutriaux had been with the company a little more than 18 months, and it was his first Interlift. The experience was proving enlightening for him, as he said it highlighted the scope of the industry, as well as Wittur’s place in it. He and your author (AB) were able to talk about the Interlift experience, as well as what led Doutriaux to the vertical transportation (VT) industry nearly two years ago and Wittur's goals moving forward.
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Elevatori 6/2019, da "How it works 5", Giuseppe Volpe Editore, 2019

Carlo Ferrari

Mantenere in perfetta efficienza la base di ascensori installati rappresenta l’occupazione principale di tante aziende ascensoristiche, in Europa e sempre più a livello globale. Secondo gli ultimi dati pubblicati nel 2019 dalla European Elevator Association, sono installati in Europa oltre 6 milioni 150 mila ascensori, molti con più di quindici anni di servizio. Le attività di modernizzazione di questi ascensori hanno generato nel corso del 2018 un fatturato di oltre un miliardo e 629 milioni di euro. Per un migliore orientamento in di questo importante mercato, propongo una classificazione delle principali attività di modernizzazione degli ascensori su cinque livelli, che rispondono a esigenze di diverso tipo.
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LIFTJournal 6-2019

During the Interlift exhibition, Antoine Doutriaux, CEO of Wittur since August 2018, gave an interview to Lift Journal, in which he summed up his first 18 months at Wittur, speaking about challenges and future plans.

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