National Safety Week Celebration - Wittur India

29th March, 2021


​Every year, at the beginning of March, the entire India celebrate the National Safety Week.

7 days of activities and initiatives related to safety values and behaviours, which are meant not only to commemorate the establishment of the National Safety Council (4th of March 1966) but also to continuously increase safety awareness among citizens, employers and employees. 

2021 National Safety Week was centred around the theme of "Learn from disasters and prepare for a safer future".

With safety being a top priority at Wittur, the local management and HSE teams launched during the week (March 4th - 10th) various motivational programmes and activities related to workplace and occupational safety. Here are some glimpses - first aid training (including CRP techniques), safety videos (on a multitude of topics), safety pledgeslogan, poster and Kaizen competitionsaward celebration, among others.

An important part of the Safety Week was dedicated to Covid-19-related safety measures. A complete Covid audit was conducted in each production line by managers in order to assess potential risks and define corrective measures. 

Findings and observations were circulated among the HSE & Management team and actions implemented immediately.
Furthermore breathing yoga training to improve well-being and immunity was delivered during the week.

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