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Sustainability Report


Wittur’s sustainability roadmap was launched in 2020 and is driven by the Executive Management team. It establishes a clear framework for action on strategic priorities that capture our most important sustainability challenges and opportunities.
These were identified through materiality assessments and internal evaluation results with the Group Executive Management team and a selection of senior managers. In Wittur we are continuously working to integrate these strategic priorities as much as possible into existing policies, management systems, and ongoing technical, business and leadership trainings. We have therefore defined accountabilities, identified targets, and selected performance indicators tomeasure our progress. We will communicate our progress to key stakeholders via a Sustainability report that will be published annually starting from 2020 and 2021 results. Apart from Sustainability reports, we intend to keep collecting feedback from financial audits, our employees, customer audits / visits and our shareholders and we also respond to our key customers sustainability assessments via external platforms. All these information collected via different channels feed Wittur’s monthly EMT (Executive Management Team) and Board meetings to continuously improve our approach.
Wittur applies QRQC (Quick response Quality Control) methodology at every level of the organization in order to improve current conditions.
All lessons learned cards are released to keep the history always accessible and to create best practice applications within the group.

Sustainability Report


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