Wittur Tools
Austria, December 2022

Better Wittur via Improving Safety Conditions

Wittur Austria detected a safety weak point and improved the conditions. Let's discover this improvement in detail.

WAT has a lean line in expedite. Small products or spare parts are repacked or packaged, labeled, and made ready for dispatch on this line.

Consequently, the products are pushed on pallets or wire mesh boxes by logistics staff directly onto the roller conveyor. There, the pallets are pushed manually from station to station. The required packaging material is stored on the side of the roller conveyor. The finished packages are pushed directly over the roller conveyor to the outside area, from where the forklift takes over the boxes.

In practical operation, our colleagues discovered the risks bring this daily routine and identified it as a safety weak point. When new pallets are placed on the roller conveyor, the pallets that are already there are also pushed further. Here, there was a risk of employees being pinched.

After well illuminating the risk, our colleagues started to search for ways to defuse this situation. The solution was developed and implemented internally with the help of the TAC team.

Finally, a hydraulically retractable bollard was installed, which stops the following pallets. In addition, a light indicates whether the roller conveyor is safe or the stopper is inactive. Red light means the bollard is retracted and the pallets can be pushed further. Green light means that the bollard is extended and secures the conveyor.

Together, for a better Wittur!