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India, March 2023

HSEQ Week: Our Aim Zero Harm

In India, every year in March, National Safety Week is celebrated. This year from 4th March to 10th March it was celebrated.

National Safety event is an important event to highlight safety measurements and to remind the significance of safety, especially in the workplace. This year the National Safety Council of India announced ''Our Aim – Zero Harm'' as a theme in order to accentuate the importance of Protecting People.

In accordance with this purpose, Wittur India established a series of events and a piece of training to expand awareness of Health and Safety in the workplace.

To begin, safety banners are installed on the main gate, and the theme is displayed in the admin block, shopfloor, and canteen area. The badges and pledges designed for safety week distributed to the colleagues before their shifts.

During the opening speech of the official celebrations, Praveen Matada, Operation Director, and KR. Venkatragavan, QHSE Head explained the agenda and started the competition on the Safety poster and Safety slogan for all employees.

Another remarkable activities developed for celebrations was the screening of 100 different safety videos on the screens with the aim of increasing awareness and creating a common sense of the importance of safety. A doctor visited our plant to give basic first aid training and explained AED devices, CRP etc.

HIRA review in critical machinery is concluded, during the review conducted in the critical machinery with manager and employees and identified the Unsafe Acts & Conditions. The points circulated to the concerned team to take action, 7 observations have been identified and improvement works are started.

Before the award ceremony and conclusion, managers inspected forklift equipment, safety training conducted for vehicle drivers, and Safety & Security pledges taken by them.