A range of modular and flexible elevator cars


Wittur MCS1 is a new range of modular cars based on an innovative fixing systems for car panels.

MCS1 fulfills all the requirements of the Lift Directive, as well as the EN 81-20/50:2014.

Installation of side walls is performed from inside the car with a reduced number of screws and special fixing kits.




  • Car dimensions can be adjusted in 1 mm step
  • Rated loads available from 320 Kg to 1350 kg
  • Natural ventilation holes are integrated on each side of the wall panels
  • The ceiling is easy to open for fast maintenance interventions
  • LED lighting is available as standard, including prewiring
  • Reduced engineering and installation times
  • Flexible interior finishes can be combined to achieve a bespoke result for each project
  • Easy pre-arranged interface with Wittur elevator doors
  • Patented Design

Wall Panels

Skinplate – Painted Steel RAL – Satined Stainless Steel gr. 240 – Scotch Brite
Stainless Steel – Polished Stainless Steel – Decorated Steel Inox


Polished Stainless Steel – Satined Stainless Steel


Tubular - Stainless Steel Plate - Satined Stainless Steel


Standard (Mirror Safe)


White – Stainless Steel


Power Led – Suspended Ceiling with holes
Light Tray - Milk glass vault Suspended Ceiling - 
ARC Suspended Ceiling


Imperial - Linoleum
Rubber - Rock Solid
Only arrangement


In service panel; on request only split



Size (mm) and capacity max.

900 x 1000   (320 Kg)
1100 x 1000 (400 Kg)
1000 x 1200 (450 Kg)
1000 x 1250 (450 Kg)
1100 x 1400 (630 Kg)
1350 x 1400 (800 Kg)



Stainless Steel Series

Color Series

Laminate Series

Glass Series


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