Lift Journal 6 2018

Together over 100 years of experience, technical knowledge and high quality standards - reason enough for the two managing directors Klaus Gerhards (GF Wittur GmbH) and Urs Affolter (GF LM Liftmaterial GmbH) to ce/ebrate the 50th anniversary of Witt ur in Germany together. Antoine Doutriaux (CEO of the Wittur Group), Christoph Kamt (CFOofthe Wittur Group), Geoffroy Durandet (Managing Director Europe) and Ahmet Kanbolat (Managing Director Eurasia and Systems) gave the guests a hearty welcome.
Horst Wittur established Wittur-Aufzugteile GmbH & Co in Miesberg near Munich in 1968. Just a year before, Liftmaterial in Haar near Munich had been established by Rudolf Diemand and Klaus Neumann. Quasi a double anniversary, which was celebrated on 25 October in the company headquarters in Wiedenzhausen as WeDay - "day of the open door". The more than 80 guests were welcomed by the two mana'ging directors Klaus Gerhards and Urs Affolter. They took turns in giving talks, documented with videos, about the past, present and future of the Wittur Group. 
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Subir y Bajar 124

Wittur's  50th anniversary was celebrated on 7 December in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Group's CEO, Antoine Doutriaux, and Giorgio Scarabello, managing director Americas, participated in the celebrations of this important event. 
The visitors kindly agreed to give an interview - together with Fernando Luje, general manager of Wittur in Argentina and director of Sales in South America - to discuss Wittur Group's strategy in the global market and the current characteristics of the elevator markets.
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Tek Gündem, 15 April 2018

WITTUR has introduced the new generation elevator door "Wittur Core" with a splendid meeting.
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Revista Elevador Brasil Edição 146 2017

Portas especiais de três, quatro e seis folhas e arcatas para elevadores hidráulicos agora estão sendo fabricadas no Brasil

Com quase 50 anos de existência, o Grupo Wittur se remodelou mundialmente, visando maior eficiência e sinergia. A mudança recente mais significativa foi a aquisição em 2016 da Sematic, consolidando a Wittur corno um fornecedor líder e verdadeiramente global para a indstria de elevadores e componentes para elevadores.

Em relação à operação brasileira, como celebração dos 20 anos de presença no pais, a grande mudança foi a inauguração da nova fábrica, na cidade de Londrina (PR), também no ano de 2016. Esta fábrica, construida totalmente do zero, tornou esta operação adequa­da para a produção de portas, sornando-se a já existente produção de operadores de porta de cabina e mecanismos de portas de pavi­mento. 

​Sornada a uma reestruturação organizacional, que imprimiu ainda mais dinamismo, a Wittur Brasil j á dá os primos passos para estabelecer sua liderança de mercado também no Brasil.
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LIFTjournal 1-2017

If you are an elevator professional, you know this feeling: you have an elevator modernization project at hand, you get  into  the shaft and measure everything, you check the status of existing components and make a list of what should be updated. Then you come back to the office and start thinking about the best tools available to avoid extra on-site works that are always a hassle.
And the fact is, there is an incredible diversity of elevator installations out there, and in many cases the new door that was installed in a breeze in the last project just can’t fit in the new project at hand, or it is not available in the peculiar finish of the building, or maybe the building owners really would like to have panoramic doors instead.
It seems that you can’t have it all with just one door. This is why Wittur Group provides you with multiple choices as far as modernization is concerned. Together they provide you with every feature you might like to use, and then some.
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Elevator World, Jan 2017

A new  Wittur  product seeks to serve as an ideal solution for modernization projects: The MRM W Line, designed following the principles of modularity and scalability, consist in a full range from 320-kg to 1050-kg rated load, 1-mps rated speed and 30-m travel height. This paper by Alberto Soriano was presented at   Madrid 2016, the International Congress on Vertical Transportation Technologies,
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Elevator World, October 2016

Some elements of building design, such as the elevator, are usually considered from a strictly utilitarian point of view. The elevator must first and foremost provide safe and reliable transportation for the people living and working there. This is why many building designs, although impressive, are not innovative as far as building transportation is concerned. The elevator is treated as a commodity that needs to be provided and not as a design element in and of itself.
Today, the elevator is not always just about moving people; sometimes, it can be a distinctive, iconic feature of the building itself. Aside from its functional ability, it can serve as a focal point of any building, providing a combination of elegant finishes and visibility. It can offer unexplored possibilities to turn architects’ and designers’ ideas into reality.
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Lift Journal August 2016

Combined company will become one of the significant global manufacturers of components, modules and complete systems for the entire elevator industry 
On April 1st, Wittur announced that it had successfully completed the closing of its acquisition of the Sematic Group, a leading supplier of elevators and elevator components headquartered in Osio Sotto, Italy. After few months, the integration processes are proceeding at full speed ahead and the new combined company is taking shape.
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Elevador Brasil 136

No dia 29 de março, a indústria alemã Wittur Ltda, inicjou as operações em sua nova fábrica localizada em Londrina, no Paraná. A fábrica obteve um investimento de aproximadamente R$ 30 milhões e, de acordo com a empresa, o objetivo é atingir a meta de aproximadamente R$ 100 milhões de faturamento até o fim do ano. Esta é a segunda planta da Wíttur na América Latina - a outra está localizada em Buenos Aires, na Argentina, e possui uma área de aproximadamente 7 mil metros quadrados.
A empresa é uma das líderes mundiais no fornecimento de componentes, sistemas e módulos para elevadores. A nova fábrica possuí um terreno de 24 mil metros quadrados - sendo 11 mil metros quadrados de área construída - e conta com aproximadamente 92 funcionários, com a projeção de ter 120 colaboradores até o final deste ano.
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NÖ, July 27 2016

A three-day initiative brought to the parking of  Wittur  Austria in Scheibbs a 16-meter long, 16-ton health truck of Labour Lower Austria, where the employees had the chance to check their health and fitness for free. The health-truck was equipped to test and measure body fat, hearing efficiency, lung function and blood values. In addition, a radiation-free spinal screening was performed. Within 15 minutes  Wittur  Austria employees learnt more about their health status, stress levels and possible personal risk factors for heart and circulatory diseases.  Furthermore  individual counselling on healthy lifestyles through medical personnel completed the service.
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