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Identificação de portas de cabina e de piso

Catálogo de modernizações

Esta é a versão de 2022 do nosso catálogo de identificação para a modernização das portas de aterragem e de automóveis.
Oferecemos-lhe agora uma nova e melhorada edição do nosso catálogo de modernização de portas (cabina e piso).

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Why choose modernization

This is the 2023 version of our identification catalogue for landing and car door modernizations.
Our multi-brand door modernization solutions are suitable for all applications that you and your service and/or modernization technicians encounter in the field

Why this catalogue

This catalogue has been designed by listening to your operational teams in order to offer solutions to your end customer in the shortest possible time.
The document includes pictures and drawings of more than 150 existing car and landing door models of the most important manufacturers in elevator sector.

  • Identify car and landing doors easily
  • Associated statement sheets
  • Quote request support

What is the goal

To provide you with the right tools so that you can develop your activities in the best possible conditions.
You can find all available catalogues in the 
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The catalogues are available for all tradings and you can choose your preferred language.