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Progressive Type Safety Gears

CSGB 01/02/03 - Uni-direcional

CSGB 01 / 02 / 03 are progressive type safety gears. Braking force is generated through a combination of disc springs and braking elements always in pairs and activated by a movable tripping wedge. The braking force is adjustable by the disc spring assembly.


CSGB 01-02-03-05: Simple and compact design for easy and versatile installation

Braking force generated through a combination of disc springs and braking elements (adjustable by the disc spring assembly) activated.
Simple and compact design for easy integration in different positions on car slings or counterweight frames.
Low force needed to release after engagement.

  • Unidirectional progressive safety gear
  • Compact design and versatile integration - can be installed either in a separate housing or attached to the upright beam of the car sling counterweight frame
  • Various synchronization options available
  • Low release force from tripping position
  • Sufficient running clearance in order to avoid unintended gripping
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Complete traceability of the production of main components from raw material to final product with coding system stamped to the parts to enhance safety standard
  • Can be applied to all kinds of guide rails (9/10/15,88/16mm) and conditions (oiled, dry, machined, drawn)
  • Very high safety factor which even exceeds EN 81-20 rules
  • Compliant with EN 81-20/50, GOST, ASME and GB7588 requirements
  • Low force needed to release the safety after engagement

Technical sheet

  Up to 3,50 m/s
Direction Unidirectional
Min. Rated Speed (m/s) 0,15
Max. Rated Speed (m/s) 3,50
Max. Tripping Speed (m/s) 4,45
Min. Mass to be gripped (kg) 575
Max. Mass to be gripped (kg) 5.500
Min. Rated Load (kg) -
Max. Rated Load (kg) -
UCM Brake/EN 81-21 stopping gear -
Guide Rail Blade (mm) 9 - 16
Guide Rail Conditions (*) MO | MD | DO | DD
EN 81-20/50:2014 X
GOST R 53870-2010 X
GB 7588 X
ASME A17.1 X
* MO = Machined Oiled
  DO = Drawn Oiled
  MD = Machined Dry
  DD = Drawn Oile



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