• Especially developed for polyropes and belts
  • Compact and extreme powerful
  • High efficiency, reduced power consumption, extreme low-noise level
  • Solid construction for permissible shaft loads FS at the traction sheave up to 24,000 N
  • Integrated fail-safe brake, dual-circuit, separately controllable
  • Fulfillment of all Lift Directive and EN specifications
  • EC type-examination certificate according to EN81-20/50, can be used for UCM solution
  • Groove profiles according to lift system
  • Synchronous motor, 12-pole, with highefficiency permanent magnets, insulation class 155 (F), temperature control, cable connection or terminal box or plug connection
  • Inverter compatible measuring devices (e. g. ECN 413; ERN 487; BISS-C)
  • Degree of protection IP 33
  • Variable options regarding voltage, speed, torque, measuring system, braking torque and traction sheave parameters
  • Ideal for use without machine room
  • Nominal load: approx. 500...1200 kg (2:1)
  • Nominal speed: from 0.5 to 1.6 m/s (2:1)


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