Wittur Tools
Gearless synchroon traktie machines


Mid- and High-Rise applications; rope tension in all directions



  • For fast lifts with an excellent ride comfort (suspension 2:1 up to 5m/s)
  • Compact and extreme powerful
  • High efficiency, reduced power consumption, extreme low-noise level
  • Solid construction for permissible shaft loads FS at the traction sheave up to 200kN
  • Safety brake system with electro-magnetical release, multi-pole spring-operated brakes 
  • contacts for brake control
  • EC type-examination certificate according to EN81-20/50, can be used for UCM solution
  • Interchangeable traction sheave, positive locking with rotor, groove profiles according to lift system
  • Synchronous motor, 22-pole, with high-efficiency permanent magnets, insulation class 155 (F),
  • low noise ventilation, temperature control, terminal box
  • Inverter compatible measuring devices
  • Degree of protection IP23M/IP12S
  • Variable options regarding voltage, speed, torque, measuring system and traction sheave parameters
  • Rope tension in all directions
  • Option: UL-CSA approved

Content of Supply

  • Synchronous lift drive with brake system, traction sheave, measuring system (encoder)
  • Different traction sheave diameter
  • Two- or Three-Brake system (option according appliction)
  • Mechanical evacuation system (option)
  • Remotely controlled bowden cable for brake (option)
  • Selectable encoder system (option)
  • Connecting cable for encoder, motor and brake (option)
  • Selectable colouring (option)
  • All technical documents necessary for approval and detailed operation manual
  • UL/CSA execution (option)
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Technical sheet


Suspension 2:1 Rated Load up to [kg] 4.000
Rated Speed [m/s] 1,0 ... 5,0
Suspension 1:1 Rated Load up to [kg] 2.000
Rated Speed [m/s] 2,0 ... 10,0
Shaft load up to [kN] 200
Traction sheave diameter [mm] 530, 610, 650, 686, 750
EU Type examination certification EU-BD 908
UL/CSA approved yes
Motor synchronous,
22 poles
Dimension (approx.) [mm] 970 x 1037 x 1232
Weight (approx.) [kg] 1.786 ... 1.935