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Message from our CEO

Udo Aull
Welcome to the third Sustainability Report of Wittur group. In an ever-changing world and a changing elevator industry, it is clear to me that every company needs to outperform itself in every aspect to be ahead of the game. I am very pleased to see how much we have advanced in our commitment to sustainability commitment in these first three years. By becoming more energy-efficient, generating less waste, protecting and developing our people and bringing sustainable, customer-focused innovation to our products and services, we increase the sustainability of the elevator supply chain. Most importantly, we fulfill our purpose: Advancing the Elevator Industry.. - Udo Aull

Our approach to sustainability is in one of our core values: "Protecting people and the environment. "This principle guides our partnerships with customers and suppliers to ensure our actions safeguard both individuals and the planet”Protecting people and the environment”

Wittur places sustainability at the forefront across our entire supply chain, from suppliers to customers. This commitment is a collaborative effort with our stakeholders. We actively share best practices, lessons learned, and improvement initiatives throughout our supplier network and sourcing chain, promoting a collective mindset and approach to sustainability.

Our global manufacturing presence enables us to work closely with both local and international customers, reducing transportation needs and streamlining our supply chain.
Our product solutions are designed with sustainability in mind from inception to end-of-life. We seek sustainable alternatives at every stage of our value chain, from product conception and development to manufacturing and distribution. On the top of everything Wittur prioritizes the impact of its activities on people, starting with our employees and the communities where we operate, as well as on the environment. To measure our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we have established goals that guide our decision-making daily.
We are implementing our sustainability strategy by focusing on sustainable product design and improvements, using recyclable materials, reducing energy consumption in our operations, and fostering a zero-waste, zero-accident culture.
We are dedicated to continuously enhancing our sustainable practices, step by step, to strengthen our sustainability culture and positively impact our customers, employees, shareholders, communities, and the future of our planet.