Wittur Tools

Message from our CEO

Tom Stephenson
Our commitment to sustainability is pivotal to the long-term success of our company.
We are developing ESG strategies that aim to improve the impact of our global operations and make a tangible contribution to shape a better world for future generations.
We also asked Ecovadis the leading provider of company sustainability benchmarking to assess our performance. Last year Wittur achieved a Bronze rating. I am delighted to say that this year we have achieved a Silver rating – which reflects 12 months worth of hard work across all of our Wittur sites. It is a fantastic achievement and a real sign of continual improvement. We continue our journey to create longterm value for our customers, suppliers, employees, families and communities
. - Tom Stephenson

Our approach to sustainability can be summed up in the few words that make up the description of one of our company’s core values,”Protecting people and the environment”

It says, “We partner with our customers and suppliers to ensure that our actions protect people and the environment”. 

Wittur thinks sustainability along its entire supply chain, from suppliers to customers. Our commitment is not only ours, but always shared with our stakeholders.
We share best practices, lessons learned and improvement initiatives throughout our suppliers’ network and our entire sourcing chain, in order to foster a shared sustainable way of thinking and acting.

Our global manufacturing footprint allows us to work closely with our local and global customers, minimizing transports and shortening our supply chain.
Our product solutions, from design to end-of-life, are designed always with sustainability in mind. We look for sustainable alternatives everywhere in our value chain, from product conception and development to manufacturing and distribution.
Above all, Wittur cares for the impact of its activities on people, starting from our employees and the communities in which we operate, and on the environment. To measure our continuous commitment to sustainability, we have set ourselves goals that drive our decision making every day.

And by orienting our product design and product improvement towards sustainability, using recyclable materials in our solutions, reducing energy consumption in our operations, creating a zero-waste, zero-accident culture, we are putting our sustainability strategy into action.

We are committed to sustainability and to continue improving our sustainable practices going forward, step by step in order to strengthen our sustainability culture and make a positive mark on our customers, our employees, our shareholders, our communities, and on the future of our planet.