Wittur Group

Behaving Ethically
Respect, honesty and credibility are the fundamentals of our daily work. We keep our promises and stand by our agreements. We comply with laws and regulations and commit ourselves to the safety of people and to the protection of the environment.

Acting with Entrepreneurial Spirit
We take the initiative and act with responsibility and accountability. We look ahead and identify future trends, opportunities and risks and demonstrate determination in pursuing our goals.

Creating Solutions
With creative ideas, continuous improvement and personal commitment we provide added value for the benefit of our customers and our company. Based on product, process and service excellence we aspire to be better than our competitors.

Being Hands-on
We work in a pragmatic and uncomplicated manner. We are experts in our area of operation and focus on the practical benefits of our activities. Quality and speed are no contradiction for us, they are a continuous challenge day by day.

Caring for People
We respect each other and our business partners in the same way. We encourage and recognize each other‘s achievements. A healthy and safe working environment combined with a positive atmosphere enhances the motivation of our employees and their identification with Wittur.

Winning Together
Mutual trust, fairness and support form the basis of our network. The aim of our 'worldwide Wittur' spirit is to act globally as one company. We rely on each other and exchange best practice experiences. We stick together no matter how difficult the situation. This makes us successful both as a team and as a company.
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