Augusta EVO ECO Car door

The new residential door from Wittur


AUGUSTA EVO ECO uses the reliable and energy efficient ECO+ door drive that is used in many other Wittur doors; the car door lock is efficiently integrated in the coupler design. The use of a brushless synchronous motor with permanent magnet guarantees a long-life efficiency and constant performance. ECO+ drive performs a continuous panel weight monitoring and adjustment, so that panels of different weights can be used in the same lift without issues. A “night mode” switch reduces the door opening and closing speed to achieve quite operations during the night.

The car door drive features a “nudging” function that closes the door slowly when multiple light barrier blocks are experienced in an overcrowded elevator, usually due to pieces of luggage or people standing on the door sill. In this way, people are pushed either to enter the lift car or get back to the floor.

Car door drive is supplied complete with “0“ Watt Standby function, so that the door drive can be completely switched off during extended periods of standby for energy saving purposes.

The car door operator is pre-set at factory, and features a self-learning function that can be used to quickly adjust the door opening width on site if needed.

The motor installation, besides the standard vertical position, can be supplied also in horizontal position. With a minimum height of 303 mm of the car door mechanism with horizontal motor it is possible to achieve minimum head room heights.

According to the different space requirements on the car roof the motor position can be moved either on the left or on the right side of the mechanism.

The adoption of brushless synchronous motors with permanent magnets almost eliminates maintenance from this critical element.

Bus interface is available as an option for all Wittur AUGUSTA EVO car door. This gives to customers the ability to get information about door operations in digital format and in real time; by integrating this data into a cloud maintenance software, installers can greatly enhance their activity by getting timely status updates and improving their capability to predict future issues and prevent them before they stop the lift system.






3-phase PMSM
Vector control

Power supply

(127V;2A ) ±20%Univ. (230V;1A) ±20%
50/60 Hz 

Class protection


Maximum movable masses
(car and landing door panels)

130 kg

Car door lock 




Protective device - Power supply

24V DC+ 10%
150 mA

Emergency battery drive

18-26 VDC
max 5A



Code Drive position Series Door Type Illustration Clear opening min. (mm) Clear opening max. (mm) Clear height min. (mm) Clear height max. (mm)
02/C  3215 02/C 700 1100 2000 2200
12/L  3215 12/L 700 1100 2000 2200
12/R  3215 12/R 700 1100 2000 2200


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