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Round Elevator Door for Architectural Designs

Luna landing door

Luna landing door is perfect for prestigious installations when aesthetic and performances are decisive factors. The wide finishing range and the potential special solutions makes Luna door suitable to customized architectonic designs. 


Luna round door is the ideal shape for prestigious and panoramic installations. 

It perfectly combines high-performance and good looks. It perfectly combines high-performance and good looks.

  • The wide finishing range and the potential special solutions makes Luna door suitable to customized architectonic designs
  • High performance and design and its best
  • Luna is available both in round version with topdriven mechanism (Luna 3600) and in round version with underdriven mechanism (Luna 3602)
  • The mechanism positioning under the door lightens the design of panoramic lifts for a harmonic visual appearance

  • Safe and smooth operation with SUPRA belt drive

  • Simplified cleaning and maintenance of the elevator  
  • Low maintenance level needed

  • 2 panels and single panel door type 
  • Landing door with sheet panels 
  • Tubular frames 
  • Glass panels door 
  • Framed glass panels door 
  • Bespoke executions based on the standard design include car door with three entrances, car and landing door for oval shaft shape 
  • Fire-resistant landing door 
  • RAL powder/smooth painting 
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316 cladding 
  • Patterned stainless steel cladding, various available patterns 
  • Coloured stainless steel cladding, various available colours and patterns 
  • Plasticized metal sheet cladding, various available colours 
  • Special finishes available upon request 
  • Luna is also available in non fire rated panoramic execution with full glass panels or framed glass panels 
  • Different types of aluminium (anodized, coloured, prepainted, extruded) 

  • 2014/33/EU
  • EN 81-20/50 
  • EN 81-58 E
  • BS 476 Part22 cl. 8 120
  • GOST 53780/53871
  • UKCA
  • China: GB7588.1/2, TSGT 7007-2022

* Certification depends on door execution

Technical sheet

Elevator Rated Speed Up to 3 m/s
Clear Opening (mm) 600 - 1800
Clear Height (mm) 2000 - 3000
C2/Sill Package (mm) Underdriven 180 /
Top Driven 186
T2/Sill Package (mm) -
T3/Sill Package (mm) -
C4/Sill Package (mm) -
C6/Sill Package (mm) -
T1/Sill Package (mm) Underdriven 180 /
Top Driven 186
Full Glass Optional
Framed Glass Optional
EN 81-20/50 Standard
EN 81-71 -
EN 81-72 -
EN 81-58 E Optional
EN 81-58 EI -
BS 476 E Optional
GOST 53780/53871 -
Aluminium Sill -
Reinforced Sill Standard
Hidden Sill -
Door Closing Spring


Code Drive position Series Door Type Illustration Clear opening min. (mm) Clear opening max. (mm)
01/C 3600  3600 01/C 600 1800
01/C 3602  3602 01/C 600 1800
71/R-L  3600 71/R-L 600 1800


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