Sematic 2000 B-HR car door



Aiming higher and higher as fast, safely and comfortably as possible

Sematic 2000 B-HR is the ideal solution for passenger movement within all high-rise buildings, as it includes: fast, quiet and smooth door opening and closing (allowing for efficient traffic management flow), exceptional robustness, excellent transport comfort, unrivalled aesthetic properties and all in full compliance with the most stringent safety regulations. 

All of its components and technical solutions have been analyzed and endurance tested in our laboratories across millions of cycles, ensuring that this door guarantees constant high performance over a long life. 

A wide range of finishes, options and certifications are available too. For all these reasons, Sematic 2000 B-HR has been selected by companies, architects, and consultants for installation in some of the world’s most prestigious buildings.
 Product Range
Model TB min-max (mm) TH min-max (mm)
 K-S 2R/L 800 - 900 2000 - 3000
 K-S 2Z 800 - 900 2000 - 3000
 K-S 4Z 1300 - 900 2000 - 3000
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 Bottom Track Park Overall Dimension (mm)
Opening K(car) S(landing) Pack(1)
 2R/L 120 120 265
 2Z 85 90 200
 4Z 120 120 265
(1) 25mm bottom track distance
Door Opening Type

 Typical application Residential Mid-rise and High-rise Mid-rise offices High-traffic flow offices
 Elevator speed <4m/s 4-6m/s >6m/s
 Door drive controller SDS SDS HV SDS HV
 Motor control DC PWM Standard Vector control Vector control
 Skate type Std espansion skate HR2 expansion skate HR2 expansion skate
 Main supply 90-230 Vac 50-60Hz
Single phase
230/400 Vac 50-60Hz
230/400 Vac 50-60Hz
 Motor type 24 Vdc Brushless 5A Brushless 8A
 Max moving mass 240 kg 320 kg 400 kg
 Active clucth - Standard Standard
 Backup battery - Standard Standard
 KPC closing panel contact - Standard Standard
 Belt-driven operator with230/430 Vdc Brushless Motor with optical Encoder controlled by an electronic card with microprosessor (SDS - AC - VVVF HV - MV Technology)
 • Power supply voltage;230/400 Vac single phase or three phase
 • Installed power: variable according to the supplied motor and power supply
 • Operating tenperature range -10°C to +60°C
 • Operating humidity range: up to 80% non condensing
 • On-board obstacle detection (door re-opening) feature
 • Separately adjustable opening and closing speed
 • Integrated self-learning cycle and automated speed profiles setting
 •Self-learning cycle at the first installation in order to acknowledge door dimension and form opening and closing curves
 • Double TB opening management

 RAL 9005
 Other RAL Colours
 Framed glass panels 
 Stainless steel claddings
 Full glass Custom
 Stainless Steel
AISI 304/ AISI 316
 Car door locking device EN81-20/50
 Skate Expansion (Low)
Expansion HR (Top-Med)
 Motorization Belt-driven operator with230/430 Vac
Brushless Motor with optical Encoder
 Door controller SDS DC PWM (Low)
SDS Brushless AC-VVVF HV (Top/Med)
and controller HR2 active clutch IP54
 Door panels   Single skin (Low)
Double skin(Top/Med)
Double skin (Low)
 Detecting system Dynamic / Static (Low)
 Operator height  490mm
 Average car door cycles  per year 800.000(Low/Med)
 Impact robust
 Active clutch by motor
(only for Top and Med)
 Retractable safety edge
 car front sealing (CFS) (only for Top and Med)


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