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Unidirectional progressive safety gear for counterweight frame application

WCWSG 01-02-03-05 - Uni-directional

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WCWSG01/02/03/05: Unidirectional progressive safety gear for counterweight frame application

  • Safety gear acting in downward direction
  • Braking power is generated by expanding the C-profiled safety gear block
  • Wide application range (also Duplex arrangement available)
  • Different connections (top or bottom) from actuating mechanism to gripping wedges available
  • Various options like safety gear housing, synchronization linkage or governor rope connection for maximum flexibility

Technical sheet

  Up to 3,5 m/s
Direction Unidirectional
Min. Rated Speed (m/s) 0,15
Max. Rated Speed (m/s) 3,50
Max. Tripping Speed (m/s) 4,89
Min. Mass to be gripped (kg) 500
Max. Mass to be gripped (kg) 9.200 (SGB03 - Duplex 17.692 kg)
Min. Rated Load (kg) -
Max. Rated Load (kg) -
UCM Brake/EN 81-21 stopping gear -
Guide Rail Blade (mm) 8 - 32
Guide Rail Conditions (*) MO | MD | DO | DD
EN 81-20/50:2014 X
GOST R 53870-2010 X
GB 7588 X
ASME A17.1 X
* MO = Machined Oiled
  DO = Drawn Oiled
  MD = Machined Dry
  DD = Drawn Oile