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Doors for HIGH-RISE elevators

Sematic 2000 B-HR landing door

Aiming higher and higher as fast, safely and comfortably as possible

Sematic 2000 B-HR is the ideal solution for passenger movement within high-rise buildings, as it includes: fast, quiet and smooth door opening and closing (allowing for efficient traffic management flow), exceptional robustness, excellent transport comfort, unrivalled aesthetic properties and full compliance with the most stringent safety regulations. 


High rise
Sematic 2000 B-HR is the ideal solution for high-rise elevators. 

It guarantees extremely fast opening combined with quiet and smooth operation. Elevator door technology at its best!

  • Fast, quiet and smooth door opening and closing (allowing for efficient traffic management flow)
  • Wide range of finishes, options and certifications are available
  • Active behaviour to counter the shaft stack effect 
  • Extremely high reliability / life time 
  • Wide adjustability for high buildings’ requirements
  • Door posts partially on the floor 
  • Door posts totally in the shaft 
  • Wide adjustability for high buildings’ requirements

  • All of its components and technical solutions have been analyzed and endurance tested in our laboratories across millions of cycles, ensuring that this door guarantees constant high performance over a long life
  • Devided in LOW - MED-TOP execution for best adaptation to installation and performance requirements
  • Upper rollers 84Ø mm external diameter
  • High opening speed performance
  • Moving mass calculation in real time for speed optimization

  • High performance door system over a long life 
  • Safety and comfortably
  • Minimum maintenance required

  • Air-seal execution 
  • Anti-vandal execution 
  • Australia execution 
  • Hidden bottom track available (Custom)
  • Fire-rated executions 
  • Framed glass panels 
  • Full glass (Custom)

  • RAL 9005 
  • Other RAL colours 
  • Stainless Steel Claddings 

  • 2014/33/EU
  • EN 81-20/50 norms 
  • EN 81-71 
  • EN 81-72 
  • EN 81-58 E, EI, EW
  • DIN 18901 norms 
  • BS 476 Part22 E CLAUSE 8&7
  • GOST 53780/53871
  • GOST 30247.3 E & EI 
  • Ukraine: DSTU pr. 81-58 EI60
  • China: GB7588.1/2, TSGT 7007-2022, GB27903
  • Singapore: SS550,EN81-58
  • Australia: AS 1735
  • Australia: AS1530
  • Brazil: NBR NM_207
  • ASME A17.1
  • UL10B
  • UKCA

* Certification depend on door execution - ASME and UL 10B available only for 2000B - HR NA

Technical sheet

Elevator Rated Speed Over 5 m/s
Clear Opening (mm) 800 - 2400
Clear Height (mm) 2000 - 3000
C2/Sill Package (mm) 195
T2/Sill Package (mm) 265
T3/Sill Package (mm) -
C4/Sill Package (mm) 265
C6/Sill Package (mm) -
T1/Sill Package (mm) -
Full Glass Optional (Only for B-HR Low)
Framed Glass Optional
EN 81-20/50 Standard
EN 81-71 Optional Cat.1
EN 81-72 Optional
EN 81-58 E Optional
EN 81-58 EI Optional
BS 476 E Optional
GOST 53780/53871 Optional
Aluminium Sill Standard
Reinforced Sill Optional
Hidden Sill -
Door Closing Spirator,
Counterweight (B-HR MED/TOP),
Spring (B-HR LOW)


Code Drive position Series Door Type Illustration Clear opening min. (mm) Clear opening max. (mm) Clear height min. (mm) Clear height max. (mm)
K-S 2/L  K-S 2/L 800 1400 2000 3000
K-S 2/R  K-S 2/R 800 1400 2000 3000
K-S 2/Z  K-S 2/Z 800 1400 2000 3000
K-S 4Z  K-S 4Z 1300 2200 2000 3000