Wittur Tools
The Wittur calculation tool


Easy drive calculation with WITTEC



  • Innovative calculation software for lifts with ropes and belts
  • Detailed report with the calculation results
  • Identification of the smallest required drive machine
  • Graphical user interface with lift configurator
  • Consideration of a multitude of lift parameters ("default" values stored)
  • Simple selection of ready-made drive configurations (2:1/1:1 / rope/belt)
  • Additional, various arrangement and suspension options
  • Definition of different user groups (Sales; Expert; Externals; ...)
  • Available in 8 different languages
  • Regular updates of software and databases (expansion of components)
  • Lift components stored in databases:
    • Wittur lift machines
    • Wittur standard frames
    • Ropes and belts

Calculations executed:

  • Drive size, motor type, traction sheave, rope groove, traction capacity.
  • Inverter selection
  • Machine frame selection
  • Energy calculation according to VDI 4707-2
  • UCM calculation

For further information:
WITTEC support - Wittec.Support(at)wittur.com



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