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Code of Conduct

At Wittur, we expect everyone to conduct our business with integrity, respect and in compliance with all applicable laws and external and internal rules and regulations.

Message from the Management Board and EMT

Much has changed since the foundation of Wittur in 1968. Back then, Wittur focused on a few local markets and products. Over the years, Wittur has continuously expanded its international reach and its global customer portfolio and has become a global player with local production sites in more than 15 countries. We now have a worldwide sales network covering more than 50 countries on all continents.

And this growth is still ongoing. Our mission is to be the number one global-local business partner for innovative elevator components. We believe that the cornerstones of this mission are our corporate values which are still as relevant today as when they were first introduced.

Wittur is perceived as a well-established and reliable business partner by both multi-national companies and independent customers worldwide. This is for good reason: in addition to offering a guarantee of quality and excellence, we obey the law and applicable regulations and we demonstrate integrity by making ethical and consistent decisions wherever we operate.

Maintaining this reputation requires all of us to continuously reflect on our behaviour. Finding the right path is not always easy, particularly in the complex and competitive global business arenas in which we operate today. When making decisions, we always have to bear in mind: no deal or business, however profitable it may appear on its surface, is worth risking the reputation of our one great company.

As Management Board and Executive Management Team, we have decided to introduce this Code of Conduct. It provides guidance on the most important issues of compliance and ethics and codifies the rights and obligations of the Wittur Group and all of us who work within it. Our Code of Conduct confirms our commitment to honesty, integrity and mutual trust in the relationships we engage in.

Please read this Code of Conduct carefully. Each and every one of us, we are bound to respect its principles in our day-to-day conduct.

Thank you for your support.
Wittur Group Management Board and Executive Management Team


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