ECO BUS is the light car door with reduced overall dimensions; it is an ideal solution in case of lift modernization  in residential buildings with limited weight and space and is normally coupled with swing landing doors.
  • Ideal for the modernization of existing elevators with manual car door and swing landing doors
  • Compliant with EN 81-20/50 (option)
  • Car door lock available as option
  • Speed can be adjusted according to disabled people rules
  • Reduced weight and overall dimensions
  • Integrated mechanical release system for swing landing doors
  • High reliability and performance with ECO+ drive
  • New bottom shoes design to use 100% of the existing clear opening
  • Easy installation and speed adjustment
  • Simple interface to existing elevator controllers
  • Small and big vision panels available as option
  • New and patented sill design
  • Simple maintenance
 Operator with ECO+ drive
 Mechanical release (parallel or perpendicular) short angle
 Mechanical release (parallel or perpendicular) long angle
 Car door lock (mandatory for EN81-20/50 norms)
 Shaft vane unit (one for each floor)(*)
 Emergency opening device (*)
 Door drive control unit on car roof (**)
 Standard Glass window (**)
 Big Glass window (**)
 Panel Hanging Bolts Kit
 Panel Shoes Kit
 Prominent mounted without support
 Sill support
 Sill fixation
 Double Ramp & Double Ramp Fixing
 Galvanized toe Guard [h:750mm]
 St. Steel AISI 304 Scotch Brite toe Guard [h:750mm]
 Fixing Brackets / Top & Bottom
 Fixing Kit for Toe Guard
 Instruction Manual
 Panels / RAL 7032 Painted
 Panels / St. Steel / Scotch Brite AISI 441
 Panels / St. Steel / Scotch Brite AISI 304
 Panels / St. Steel / Brushed AISI 441
 Panels / St. Steel / Brushed AISI 304
(*) Mandatory for car door lock
(**) Available only for EN81-20/50 norms

Included                     ○  Not included


BUS car door is available with ECO PLUS drive.
  ECO +
 Drive 3-phase Vector control
 Power Supply (127V;2A ) ±20% Univ. (230V;1A) ±20% 50/60 Hz
 Class protection IP20
 Maximum movable masses (car and landing door panels) 130 kg
 Car door lock (Optional) Available
 Self-learning Available
 Protective device - Power supply 24V DC+ 10% 150 mA
 Emergency battery drive 18-26 VDC  max 5A


Code Series Door Type Illustration Clear opening min. (mm) Clear opening max. (mm) Clear height min. (mm) Clear height max. (mm)
BUS  3411 ECO BUS Flat version 500 1100 2000 2100


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