FINELINE® car door

Minimal sill depth modernization


FINELINE® car doors features an extremely compact footprint and has been designed to insert an automatic car door and an automatic landing door in a minimal depth. 

FINELINE® advantages are very relevant in a modernization project for existing lifts. In the space where previously only a car door could be installed, it is now possible to install an automatic car door and an automatic landing door. 

  • Very compact footprint: car door + sill gap + landing door = 115 mm (4 and 2 panels side opening configuration)
  • With 2 panels central opening configuration even more reduced sill dimensions: 85 mm  
  • Can be used as a complete door system (car door and landing door) or combined with existing swing doors
  • Available option: window in door panel
  • Ideal for modernization of existing lifts
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compliant with 95/16/CE directive, EN 81 and EN 81-80 (SNEL) standards and norms for disabled people
  • Car door lock available on request NEW!


FINELINE® car door is available only with ECO PLUS drive.
3-phase PMSM
Vector control
Power supply
(127V;2A ) ±20%
Univ. (230V;1A) ±20%
50/60 Hz
Protection class
Car door lock (optional)
Car door opening button
Self-learning system
Emergency battery
18-26 VDC
max 5A


Standard car door (with sheet panels)

Panel finishes

  • Galvanized sheet
  • Stainless steel Gr. 240
  • Stainless steel leather D42
  • Stainless steel karo D21
  • Stainless steel linen D25
  • Stainless stell raute D22
  • Powder coated in RAL


Code Drive position Series Door Type Illustration Clear opening min. (mm) Clear opening max. (mm) Clear height min. (mm) Clear height max. (mm)
01-02/C  3212 02/C 600 900 1900 2100
11-12/L  3212 12/L 600 900 1900 2100
11-12/R  3212 12/R 600 900 1900 2100
4/AS-L  3212 4/AS-L 600 900 1900 2100
4/AS-R  3212 4/AS-R 600 900 1900 2100
4/S  3212 4/S 600 900 2000 2100

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