High quality modernization

Hydra 3000 Plus car door

The compact construction of Hydra 3000 car door ensures high flexibility especially for elevator modernization purposes.


  • Simple structure with a minimum number of parts
  • Front or top car fixing
  • Drive installation on upper left or right,adjustable without adapters
  • Self-learning functions for opening and closing times and directions
  • Pre-adjusted and factory tested for fast and easy installation
  • 127/230V-50/60Hz power input with +/-20% tolerance
  • 24V supply output signal to handle light curtains or photocells
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compliant with Lift Directive 95/16/EC and EN81
  • Car door lock available (optional)
  • Can be installed as an automatic landing and car door package or as car door combined with swing doors


Hydra 3000 car door is available in two types of drives:

  • ECO PLUS for low traffic installation (residential buildings, small offices)
  • MIDI PLUS for medium-high traffic installation (pubblic buildings, offices, medium-high traffic residential buildings and prestigious buildings)
3-phase PMSM
Vector Control
3-phase PMSM
Vector Control
Power supply
(127V;2A ) ±20%
(230V;1A) ±20%
50/60 Hz
(127V;6A ) ±20%
 (230V;4A) ±20%
50/60 Hz
Class protection
IP20 (IP54 on demand)
Maximum movable masses (car and landing door panels)
130 kg
300 kg
Car door lock (Optional)
Protective device - Power supply
24V DC+ 10%
 150 mA
24V DC+ 10%
 150 mA
Emergency battery drive
18-26 VDC
max 5A
18-26 VDC
max 15A




Standard car door (with sheet panels)

Standard protection IP20


Panel finishing

  • Prime finish painted sheet (RAL 7032)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Anodized aluminium
  • Coloured aluminium
  • Prepainted aluminium
  • Extruded aluminium
  • Plasticized sheet
  • Plastic laminate
  • Hammered paint
  • RAL smooth painting




Code Drive position Series Door Type Illustration Clear opening min. (mm) Clear opening max. (mm) Clear height min. (mm) Clear height max. (mm)
02/C  3201 02/C 600 1200 2000 2200
12/L  3201 12/L 600 1200 2000 2200
12/R  3201 12/R 600 1200 2000 2200
35/L  3201 35/L 600 1150 2000 2200
35/R  3201 35/R 600 1150 2000 2200
44/C  3201 44/C 600 1150 2000 2200
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