Sematic 2000 B-G car doors

Doors for freight elevators


Providing flexible solutions to satisfy the needs of goods transportation in every industry

A door for freight elevator needs to be not only robust, but it has also to guarantee safety and reliability in all operative conditions, even in the extreme ones. 

Sematic 2000 B-G satisfies these requirements thanks to a set of constructive solutions specially designed for this application such as reinforced expansion skate, frame and panels, increased rollers and steel upper tracks. 2000 B-G features door posts partially on the floor assuring easy and stable installation. 

It’s available in a wide range of fire rated certifications, anti-vandal executions, with glass panels and many more. 2000 B-G is the ideal solution for elevators in airports, undergrounds, railway stations, shopping centers, hospitals, industrial buildings, multi-floor parking and in all those applications where the doors can be potentially hit. 
 Product Range
Model TB min-max (mm) TH min-max (mm)
 K-S 2R/L 1000 - 2000 2000 - 3500
 K-S 3R/L 1000 - 2000 2000 - 3500
 K-S 2Z 1000 - 2000 2000 - 3500
 K-S 4Z 1000 - 3500 2000 - 3500
 K-S 6Z 1400 - 3500 2000 - 3500
For further infomation see our technical catalogues
 Bottom Track Park Overall Dimension (mm)
Opening K(car) S(landing) Pack(1)
 2R/L 90 135 255
 3R/L 135 180 345
 2Z 45 90 165
 4Z 90 135 255
 6Z 135 180 345
(1) 30mm sillk distance
Door Opening Type



 Belt-driven operator with 24 Vdc optical encoder controller motor, SDS DC-PWM technology with  integrated switching transformer
 • Power supply voltage;90-290 Vac (115 V -20%,+26%),50-60 Hz with intergrated switching
 • Power rated 200 VA
 • Emergency power supply 24/36Vdc
 • Operating tenperature range -10°C to +60°C
 • Operating humidity range: up to 80%
 • On-board obstacle detection (door re-opening) feature
 • Opening and closing speed adjustable separately
 • Self-learning cycle and automated speed profiles setting integrated
 RAL 7032 powder coating
 Other RAL Colours
 Framed Glass 
 Frameless glass 
 Stainless steel claddings
 Skin plate claddings
 Stainless Steel
AISI 304/ AISI 316
 Brass - Bronze
available for all doors type
except 3 R/L and 6Z
 Car door locking device EN81-20/50 EN81-1/2
 Skate Expansion
 Motorization See pag. 5  Brushless with AC-VVVF - technology
 Door controller SDS DC PWM Other door controllers available.
Please contact our sales department.
 Door panels   Single skin  Double skin/
Vision panel
 Detecting system Static/Dynamic
 Operator height  445mm 340mm for 2RL, 2Z and 4Z 
410 mm for 3RL and 6Z
 Average car door cycles  per year 650.000
 Impact robust
Cardboard box
Wood (ISPM15)
 Anti-vandal execution EN81-71
 Hidden bottom track (no 3R/L and 6Z)
 Marine execution


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