Sematic 2000 SWS car door

Doors for inclined elevators


The first ever certified automatic door with optical coupling

These door systems, based on optical coupling, are the right solution for all those situations in which mechanical coupling is not possible. 

Both the car and the landing door feature linear belt traction operators, each with its own engine. They couple through an optical device, integrated into the engine SWS controller, allowing a misalignment up to 50 mm between the centers of the emitter and the detector. Being prEN 81-22 certified, SWS is ideal for inclined lifts; inclinations between 15° and 75° are allowed and, for complex installations,  it’s even possible to have different inclinations from floor to floor.

A fully covered operator guarantees high IP ratings and protection degrees even in extreme weather conditions. A wide range of finishes, fire certifications and special solutions are available.
 Product Range
Model TB min-max (mm) TH min-max (mm)
 K-S 2R/L 800 - 1200 2000 - 2200
 K-S 2Z 800 - 1800 2000 - 2200
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Door Opening Type

 Belt-driven operator with 24 Vdc optical encoder controller motor, SDS DC-PWM technology with  integrated switching transformer
 • Power supply voltage:90-290 Vac (115 V -20%,230V+26%),50-60 Hz with intergrated switching
 • Power rated 200 VA
 • Emergency power supply 24/36Vdc
 • Operating tenperature range -10°C to +60°C
 • Operating humidity range: up to 80% non condensing
 • On-board obstacle detection (door re-opening) feature
 • Separately adjustable opening and closing speed
 • Integrated self-learning cycle and automated speed profiles setting
 RAL 7032 powder coating
 Other RAL Colours
 Frameless glass panels
 Stainless steel claddings
 Skin plate claddings
 Stainless Steel
AISI 304/ AISI 316
 Brass ,Bronze
 Certified locking device EN81-20/50
 Position of the lock release Integrated into the
header or in the panel
 Door closing Spirator / 
 Door panels Front / rear cladding
 Header height 400 mm
 Frame 135×45 mm door posts Reduced door posts
(min. 80×45 mm)
Increase door posts
(> 135 mm)
 Installation In the shaft In niche
 Kit man in the pit In case of EN81-20/50 In case of EN81-1/2
 Monostable contact EN81-20/50 EN81-1/2
 Impact robust
Cardboard box
Wood (ISPM15)
 Average car door cycle 
 per year
Coupling type Optical (mechanical coupling free)
 Smoke-seal/Air-seal exeuction
 Anti-vandal execution EN81-71
 Hidden bottom track
 Underdriven operator
 Heated bottom track

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