WCF - Electric car slings

Modular system WCF


  • Product compliant with EN 81 specifications
  • Car frame width (DBG) as well as frame height can be chosen freely (in mm steps) within the technical limits
  • Modular structure (single componentslike guide shoe, safety gear, ... selectable to the requirements)
  • Available with progressive safety gear SGB01, SGB02, SGB03, SGB05
  • Suitable for rail head width from 8 to 32 mm 
  • Suspension 1:1 or 2:1
  • Car fully isolated for excellent ride comfort
  • Easy installation
  • Compact shipping dimension

Technical Features

Model Max. nominal load Q (kg) Max. all up load G (kg) Max. nominal speed V (m/s)
WCF 06 630 1600 2,5
WCF10 1000 3000 6,0
WCF16 1600 5000 6,0
WCF25 2500 8000 6,0
WCF35 3500 12000 6,0


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